Ongoing Studies with mRNA Injections on Thousands of Babies and Children....

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Every good mum and dad only wants the best for the child - organic carrot juice, an organic banana every day, only soft, genuine cotton blankets with an eco-label, toys without evaporating toxins so that the child can thrive. The panic media is now working flat out to ensure that the good mums and dads - because they only want the best for their children - allow one or two, maybe even three injections with genetically modified mRNA substances into the children as quickly as possible injected. Where are the questions: "Is this also organic?", or "Does the syringe content come from ecological cultivation?". Panic-stricken, anxious that the offspring will not be ostracized at school or suffer "social disadvantages", one forgets to ask all these which seems to be quite important when buying a toy. "

The mRNA injections have so-called "conditional approvals", which means that they are neither fully developed nor is the effect profile known in the various population groups, not even in the "smallest". Even worse: You are still looking for the "right dose" in the composition, and you still have a lot of questions that are only to be answered by ongoing studies.

According to worldwide, there are currently 115 studies in children from the age of 6 months (!) in connection with Covid-19 and the experimental mRNA injections. This involves different questions, because you are in experimental phase 1, 2 or 3. Phase 1 means you have no idea how the substance could work - and that's the case with many questions!

A study on children aged 5-11 that is being carried out at the Rabin Medical Center in Israel should be mentioned here as an example. When you think of Israel, you think of the descendants of the Holocaust. Yes, that's where children's studies are done! In six months - from December 30, 2021 to June 30, 2022 - they want to find out whether the children are producing antibodies - because, until now, we don't know! Could be - but also might not be.... The official study title is: "REAL SARS-CoV-2 ANTIBODY RESPONSE IN CHILDREN AGED 5-11 YEARS AFTER BNT162b2 mRNA VACCINATION: A PROSPECTIVE COHORT STUDY" on 150 participants. Rabin Medical Center advertises itself as the largest heart center in Israel, and among others the national center for difficult pregnancy and childbirth, as well as a specialist in genetic tests and genetic investigations. Here they are planning to carry out Covid-19 mRNA injection studies in children, because - according to the introductory text to the study it says:

"There is little data on the immunogenicity of Pfizer-Biontec's BNT162b2 vaccine for the prevention of COVID-19 disease and on side effects in children aged 5-11 years. Therefore, our goal is to determine the immunogenicity and the Describe local or systemic reactogenicity events following vaccination with the BNT162b2 COVID-19 vaccine in children aged 5-11 years for a period of six and a half months after the first dose of the vaccine."

Just to reiterate, read it be overlooked: There is little data on children....!!!

You can get more details yourself at:

Consult .

None of the panic prophets on the propaganda frontline told you that, nor did the headmaster who has the vaccination bus pull up in the schoolyard. In this way, children who cannot withstand the peer pressure of the class are forced to consent to an experimental gene injection in order to continue to "belong". Because they cannot possibly recognize and assess the consequences of the mRNA injection! Is it "wise" to use such tactics today - and later a crime against all children?

Another study by Biontech/Pfizer on a "cohort", as study participants are called, of 11,422 children aged 6 months(!) to 18 years is currently in the "recruitment phase":


Duration of study from March 2021 to May 2026. So in 5 years they might have figured out which dose is the right one?

In the short summary you can read:

"This is a Phase 1/2/3 study in healthy children and young adults. Depending on the safety and/or immunogenicity data generated over the course of this study and the resulting risk/benefit assessment, the safety, tolerability and immunogenicity of BNT162b2 in participants less than 6 months of age will subsequently be assessed."

More details at:

Graphic illustrating the procedure for the dose-finding study:

Dose-finding study in children and young adults aged 6 months to 18 years

One has to ask oneself how one can really understand this "study objective"? 11,422 children between the ages of 6 months and 18 years are injected with a gene experiment substance in different doses in order to then be able to estimate how these substances can subsequently be evaluated in babies aged 0-6 months...?! You just rub your eyes when you read that.... is that utter nonsense? mockery? Do parents really want to give up their children for this? Is it even more perfidious? Which "Dr. Experts" came up with this? How much research funding is there for such ethically-morally abysmal, deeply reprehensible "studies" with very questionable goals? Those would be interesting questions that will probably never be answered.

The trials for this study will be conducted at 94 medical facilities in the US, Finland, Poland and Spain, including children's hospitals. Fourteen "primary objectives" have been defined, including finding out how many babies and children will have "local", "systemic", "adverse events" and "serious adverse events" at what dose. This includes ranging reactions from pain in the arm, fever, nausea, diarrhea, dizziness, muscle and joint pain to "serious reactions" that have not been further specified. It is now known that young people like to suffer from heart muscle inflammation after vaccination, but can also die "suddenly and unexpectedly", like a 5-year-old girl, 4 days after the Pfizer injection: /vaersdb/findfield.

One of the "secondary goals" is to find out whether SARS-CoV-2 serum level-neutralizing antibodies, expressed as GMTs, are formed. Results will have to wait until 2026. It may be that the gene experiment material produces the desired results - or not. Until then, the "DrExperts" have their sheep in the dry.

In the meantime, the propaganda machine will make so much noise that such background studies will not reach the minds of the people who lend their children to the experimenters. You probably never hear about it in the news.

Only two studies were selected as examples - there are 113 other studies, spread over many institutions, university hospitals, children's hospitals, obstetric facilities, medical centers, etc. in all over the world on children, young adults, which can be found at clinical trial .gov.

Why don't you ask the doctors exactly what they inject into the children? Ask about liability if your child develops health problems after the vaccination. Ask about blood tests, inflammation levels, oxygen saturation - before the vaccination - after the vaccination, ask how you may have to document and prove vaccination damage.... oblige the doctor to examine your child regularly after the vaccination, the To document the health of the child and possibly pay for extra costs should your child endure health consequences, keep asking... because you want the best for your child! Find out for yourself - and don't leave it to your flat screen TV and the propaganda orchestra - which always sings the same song, educate you about risks and effects. No, there are no "side effects" when children suffer health damage or even die!

Being aware of all aspects of this is your highly personal task! None of those who are beating the propaganda drum so loudly today will bring your healthy child back to you. The mRNA injections are part of an ongoing live experiment with billions of "laboratory people" (instead of rats) - not only on children, but also on adults - worldwide! who are beating the propaganda drum so loudly today. The mRNA injections are part of an ongoing live experiment with billions of "laboratory people" (instead of rats) - not only on children, but also on adults - worldwide! who are beating the propaganda drum so loudly today. The mRNA injections are part of an ongoing live experiment with billions of "laboratory people" (instead of rats) - not only on children, but also on adults - worldwide!

At least you should know what you are doing!

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