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Scott Morrison flew at taxpayers expensive in a RAAF Jet to the Gold Coast to attend a ‘church’ meeting with his mates in the Australian Christian Churches National Conference with his mates in the Hillsong Pentecostal Church including Brian Huston. There are videos of him talking at the meeting. He then flew back to Canberra at taxpayers’ expense.

All the time the NSW Police has apparently been instructed to drag out the investigation of rape by Brian Huston’s Paedophilic father Frank Huston of Brett Sengstock by the NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller.

Has Morrison applied pressure to the police to stop or hinder the investigation into his mates cover up despite in 2014, while giving evidence at The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, Brian Houston admitted he knew his father had abused children and he had failed to report it to the police so it is not a fact that is in dispute or a fact that Scott Morrison wouldn’t know.

Extract from a report by the Kangaroo Court. (link below)

“In July 2019 I wrote in an article and said:

Prime Minister Scott Morrison and his wife were on stage leading prayers in front of 21,000 people on Tuesday night (9/7/19) with the Hillsong Church’s Brian Houston who is still under investigation by the NSW police for concealing the sexual abuse of children by his father Frank Houston.

There are many reasons, which I outline below, why Scott Morrison should have never been on stage with paedophile protector Brian Houston who is under investigation by the NSW police.

I emailed questions to the Prime Minister as per below, but he has refused to answer but the NSW police did respond to my email (as below) on Wednesday (10/7/19) and confirmed that they are still investigating Brian Houston which was first reported by the media in November 2018 by Channel 9. Why didn’t Nine follow up with the police as I did? Maybe it is because Nine’s Chairman is former federal treasurer Peter Costello who is also a mentor to Scott Morrison and who has also led prayers at the Hillsong annual conference. (Click here to read more)

In November 2019 I wrote an article and said:

The NSW police are refusing to deny political interference by Prime Minister Scott Morrison in the police investigation of his good friend and mentor Brian Houston who is under investigation for concealing his father’s sexual abuse of children.

In September 2019 it was reported that Scott Morrison tried to take Brian Houston on his visit to the USA and Washington but the White House rejected Brian Houston.

On Tuesday (26/11/19) news broke that Prime Minister Scott Morrison had phoned the NSW Police Commissioner to ask about a police investigation into federal MP Angus Taylor which had only been announced a few hours earlier.

Putting two and two together it became obvious to me that if Prime Minister Scott Morrison phoned the NSW police to stick his nose into a police investigation into federal MP Angus Taylor, then it is almost certain he would have also done the same for his good friend and mentor Brian Houston. (Click here to read more)

In March 2020 I published an article titled “Scott Morrison’s lies start to unravel about his knowledge of the police investigation into paedophile protector Brian Houston” and said:

Scott Morrison has admitted he lied about trying to take paedophile protector Brian Houston to the White House last September. Of course, Morrison doesn’t call it a lie but what is a bigger lie that is impossible to dispute is Morrison also implying, on the recording below, that he didn’t know Brian Houston was under investigation by the NSW Police for concealing his father’s sexual abuse of children.

In September 2019 when it was reported that Brian Houston was rejected by the White House as a guest during Scott Morrison’s visit all Morrison would say is that it was “gossip” when he was asked by the media if he had asked the White House to invite Houston. (Click here to read more)

Morrison told radio announcer Ben Fordham that in relation to Brian Houston being under investigation by the NSW police:

Prime Minister Scott Morrison: “So, I’m not quite sure what the accusation is about that”
Ben Fordham: “Well as I said it was relevant because as it turns out he was under police investigation and he still is according to NSW police. Would it be fair to say that you were not aware of that at the time?”

Prime Minister Scott Morrison: “No, these are not issues that I follow closely. All I know is that they are a very large and very well attended and well-supported organisation here in Australia”.

What “issue” doesn’t he “follow closely”. That has to be admission he knew at least at some point that Brian Houston was under investigation by the police. (Click here to read more)

Scott Morrison visits the Pentecostal Church gathering on the Gold Coast

Scott Morrison was on the Gold Coast for the Australian Christian Churches (Pentecostal Churches) conference on Tuesday the 20th of April 2021, and it started to leak on Twitter and other social media but none of the old media has reported the trip to my knowledge.”

The below is a Tweet from David Marler @Qldaah on Twitter on Thursday (22/4/21):

Brett Sengstock who was raped as a child by Brian Houston’s pedophile father Frank Houston tweeted @brettsengstock:

Is Scott Morrison blind and deaf? Does his religion blind him to facts? Or does he just not care? What if it were HIS daughters that were abused. How would he react then I wonder?

When he wanted to take Huston to the USA, they declined and refused entry. I think I know why.


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