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May 13, 2021 | Michael Moore | Email:

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Governments and scammers like to use face recognition technology in order to record your image for their own purposes.The Chinese government is notorious for their face Recognition technology and keeping tabs on their population. Scammers use images they have downloaded in scams causing havoc and distress.

The Australian Government is now running Facial Recognition trials in preparedness to using it in myGovID and is spending millions on it in the next stage of keeping a track on everyone’s movements (Along with QR Recognition).

myGovID, expanding upon the familiar myGov system, has spent the last nine months in public beta, currently allowing citizens to create a digital identity that can then be used to log into a limited range of online government services.”

“It currently works like a digital equivalent of the 100 point ID check by using the ‘Document Verification Service’ to grant access. The new incarnation will incorporate the ‘Face Verification Service’ to verify identity documents like passports, Medicare cards and driver’s licences.”

“For citizens to access more confidential services, under what the DTA calls identity proofing level three (IP3), they will be required to use facial verification and ‘liveness detection’ in the app.”

However, for those who are concerned about identity theft there is a very simple easy to use program one can load up on your computer and which will make subtle changes (unrecognizable by a human) to your image so that it cannot be used in a fraud or identity theft.

It is called Fawlkes (after Guy Fawlkes and when applied, takes the image given, makes minute changes in the image which we cannot see but which an identity recognition software can and confuses it.This then means the image cannot be copied or used.Here are some examples:

A very useful device.

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