Real Reason Christine Holgate Pressured To Resign?

Michael Moore: 09 November 2020

As many of you will know Christine Holgate resigned from her position as CEO of Australia Post.

What many may not be aware is that the facts have been distorted and the real reason she was pressured to resign was not really about watches but more about her effectiveness and policy with Australia Post.

Just to set the scene. You may recall Scomo, our ‘beloved’ Prime Minister rejected a Royal Banking Commission twenty-seven times before the pressure was too great and it had to be held. Well we all know the result of that. A rap on the knuckles for the big banks. But it did not stop the banks continuing to be involved in billions of dollars’ worth of money laundering to pay paedophiles. Yes ScoMo seems to not mind that and is still concerned with protecting the banks.

But where does Holgate come into this? She Set a policy where The Post Office shops, (including licensees) could accept banking.

According to the SMH. “But licensees who run 2850 post offices around the country out of their news agencies, pharmacies and convenience stores believe the Bank@Post deal at the centre of the watch scandal saved their businesses.

Licensed Post Offices Group's executive director, Angela Cramp, called Ms Holgate "the best CEO that Australia Post has ever had". Ms Cramp's group represents at least a third of licensed post office owners.

She told Ms Holgate in their first conversation licensees in rural and regional areas would go out of business if something wasn't done to make the banks pay more.

"She saved us, and those people who worked on that team how hard do you think it was to make the CEOs of the banks pay for a service that they had had for years for free?" Ms Cramp told this masthead.

"We are absolutely 100, 200, 1000 per cent behind her leadership and she is desperately needed for us to survive.

"Whatever this is about, it has got nothing to do with bloody watches."”

In fact, Holgate was successful in reorganising the community banking services the post offices provide on behal