Sky News Banned from You Tube

Source Rebel News 01 August 2021

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We have foreign tech billionaires censoring what Australians can hear.

And sadly some Australians have been so brainwashed they will cheer this censorship on. Shamefully as will the ABC.

Just remember that YouTube are owned by Google (Alphabet Inc.) and they have large investments in the Covid vaccine makers - so anything that questions the claims in vaccine makers marketing brochures is censored.

Big Tech, Big Govt & Big Pharma are controlling & censoring the media in way that only used to happen in fascist & communist regimes

We are truly living in some interesting times, Free speech is no longer allowed, censoring of political figures who have an alternate point of view is now encouraged from the government.

I don't not agree with some of sky news opinions. However, this should be condemned as this goes much further then just politics. This is about our freedom of speech!

Have we learn' t nothing from the past? Apparently not!

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