Some of The Attribute’s of the Anti-Social Personality

24 October 2021 | Michael Moore |

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He or she speaks only in very broad generalities. ”They say…” ”Everybody thinks…” ”Everyone knows…” and such expressions are in continual use, particularly when imparting rumor. When asked, ”Who is everybody . . .” it normally turns out to be one source and from this source the anti-social person has manufactured what he or she pretends is the whole opinion of the whole society. He imparts rumour as fact and pretends ‘everybody’ is afraid and wants to be coerced and controlled.

Such a person deals mainly in bad news, critical or hostile remarks, invalidation and general suppression. Times are bad, the pandemic is to be feared before it kills us all. ”Gossip” or ”harbinger of evil tidings” or ”rumor monger” once described such persons. It is notable that there is no good news or complimentary remark passed on by such a person.

The anti-social personality alters, to worsen, communication when he or she relays a message or news. Good news is stopped and only bad news, often embellished, is passed along. Such a person also pretends to pass on ”bad news” which is in actual fact invented. Most of what he says is lies.

The anti-social personality habitually selects the wrong target. It is everyone else’s fault. If questioned he ‘can’t remember.’ If a tyre is flat from driving over nails, he or she curses a companion or a non-causative source of the trouble. If the radio next door is too loud, he or she kicks the cat. If A is the obvious cause, the anti-social personality inevitably blames B, or C or D. It is always ‘someone else’s fault.’ Not his. This is natural to them since to them all society is a large hostile generality, against the anti-social in particular.

The anti-social cannot finish a cycle of action. Such become surrounded with incomplete projects. The anti-social personality supports only destructive groups and rages against and attacks any constructive or betterment group. Continues actions that produce no or poor results, such as lockdowns that do NOT decrease ‘cases.’ But in fact increase them.

This type of personality approves only of destructive actions and fights against constructive or helpful actions or activities. Such as people having jobs and business open where people can survive. Flourishment and prosperity is alien to such people.

Helping others is an activity which drives the anti-social personality nearly berserk. Activities, however, which destroy in the name of help are closely supported.

The anti-social personality has a bad sense of property and conceives that the idea that anyone owns anything is a pretense made up to fool people. Nothing is ever really owned. Except by them of course.

The Premier of Victorian (Daniel Andrews) fits this description.

This is called a suppressive personality. You can see the results of anything he is in charge of. Look at the State of Victoria. Small business dying, Rising suicides, Rising unemployment and mass exodus from the State to other States. Melbourne is a cemetery in the making, because a cemetery is the safest place to be for Daniel Andrews.

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