Spy Drones droning on in Melbourne

Michael Moore 25/10/2020

Melbourne is now under constant drone spying from around 70 drones with high tech cameras capable of spying on individuals.

Image from Australian Aviation

The Police say it is to prevent crime and monitor crowds but human rights groups are concerned about the privacy issues of spying on people.

The Aviation authority were sceptical as the police do not have authority to fly around the city with drones but apparently there is a loop hole in the legislation the police are taking advantage of that permits them to fly around at will.

According to the Police, “Drones will keep a watchful eye over crowds at events in Melbourne when Victoria Police’s Drone Unit is up and running by the end of August. Victoria Police says the drones can zip around at 70 kph, feeding live,…”

According to Australian Aviation, ‘It’s also been reported that the state made a request to use military drones, but this was knocked back by the Australian Defence Force.’ They also noted, ‘Separately, other reports have emerged this week that the ADF also knocked back a request from South Australia to use military drones to monitor the Victoria-South Australia border.

Lieutenant General John Frewen told a Senate inquiry on Tuesday that there was “a very specific request around aerial surveillance support” but that “we didn’t think was the right thing for us to be supporting at the time”’.

These drones cost upwards of 5000 dollars with high tech cameras so it is not a cheap method of spying on people. More disturbing is that people may not be aware of the spying as the drones do not make a lot of noise and in a busy city street would likely not be heard.

How many people look up at the sky? Most people are focused on getting to where they are going or just living their lives.

By itself it is not a police state activity but with the other measures it is almost indistinguishable from the real thing.

Just another nail in the coffin of freedom

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