Switzerland No Longer Independent

Michael Moore 07 December 2020

Switzerland has long been thought of as independent. During both world wars Switzerland maintained it's neutrality and did not participate in either side. This neutrality was respected by all other nations and this remained up until the present day when it changed.

Switzerland is no longer neutral. It has taken a side.

The Gavi, the Gates Foundation has been granted diplomatic immunity from prosecution in Switzerland regardless of the consequences of the effects of the foundation.

Why would this be done?

As outlined in the News Swiss Journal article, Immunity for Bill Gates Vaccination Alliance GAVI.

“The vaccination alliance GAVI, founded by Bill Gates, enjoys immunity in Switzerland. Swiss authorities are not allowed to enter the GAVI premises and employees enjoy immunity from arrest or detention.

All documents and data carriers are inviolable anytime and anywhere. GAVI Alliance assets are exempt from any form of requisition, confiscation or expropriation, or any form of foreclosure, other government enforcement measures. Credits, income, assets are exempt from all taxes and fees. GAVI Alliance has the right to send and receive your correspondence, including data carriers, by courier and enjoys privileges and immunities as with diplomatic couriers and diplomatic baggage.

Federal President Simonetta Sommaruga has awarded the Bill Gates Vaccine Alliance Gavi 30 million Swiss francs on behalf of Switzerland. For its part, the vaccination alliance GAVI made a donation of CHF 900,000 to the federal authority SWISSMEDIC. SWISSMEDIC is the Swiss approval and supervisory authority for drugs and medical devices. SWISSMEDIC is also responsible for the approval of dubious PCR tests in Switzerland, without which a pandemic would not be visible at all.”

So the Gates Foundation Gavi cannot be sued in any court in the world for any and all adverse effects of ANY vaccination or immunization regardless of the consequences. This immunity is stronger than the diplomatic immunity enjoyed by politicians and diplomats world wide.