TGA Pressured to Approve Dubious Covid-19 Vaccine

Michael Moore 03 February 2021

The TGA (Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration) has been pressured by the Australian government to approve the Pfizer vaccine for use in Australia. This is a provisional approval based on just two trials that went for only two months. As distinct for any other vaccine or drug that goes for a minimum of three years.

The trials were confined to just a small number of healthy participants, and no one with any pre-existing conditions were used in the trial so there is no way anyone with a major condition, such as cancer, leukaemia, heart or lung condition were used in the trial meaning that it is anyone’s guess how anyone with these and other major conditions would respond.

This blanket medication is being issued without individual consultation.

Below is the link to the TGA hurried report which, in this instance only took 54 days instead of the normal 255 as length of immunity, vaccine induced autoimmune disorders, cytokine storm (also referred to pathogenic priming, antibody dependant enhancement) were to be addressed in continuing clinical trials.

And the TGA were apparently satisfied with this response from the pharmaceutical company!

Currently there are around 155 trials being conducted worldwide with the first to be completed in 2023. Until then we are supposed to take it on faith that the vaccine is ‘OK’ This is like putting all your health into a lottery, and hoping you will come out OK.

This hurried approval seems to have ignored the rising adverse effects around the planet in Europe and the UK and USA as a result of using this vaccine. And why is the pharmaceutical company immune from prosecution for adverse effects from their products? Perhaps when the adverse effects start to arise here in Australia, the TGA will become the target for legal action on the basis that they have approved a substance likely to cause ill health.

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