The Bill Gates Eugenic Agenda

Michael Moore 25 November 2020

“I look forward to working with the new administration and leaders on both sides in Congress on getting the surging pandemic under control, engaging partners around the world on issues like poverty and climate change, and addressing issues of inequality and opportunity at home.” - Bill Gates

If you replace the word Pandemic with Population, you get a very different meaning.

Bill Gates is a eugenicist. That is to say he believes in eugenics.

Eugenics is the practice or advocacy of improving the human species by selectively mating people with specific desirable hereditary traits. It aims to reduce human suffering by “breeding out” disease, disabilities, and so-called undesirable characteristics from the human population.

Bill Gates does not have a conventional medical degree. He initially enrolled at Harvard University in 1973 but dropped out two years later to start Microsoft. Due to his accolades, however, Gates has since been awarded several honorary degrees, both medical and legal. (Honorary degree: An honorary degree is an academic degree for which a university has waived all of the usual requirements, such as matriculation, attendance, course credits, a dissertation, and the passing of comprehensive examinations. It is also known by the Latin phrases honoris causa or ad honorem. No actual knowledge or expertise in the subject is required. It is a degree in name only.) Having an honorary degree in a subject does not make one an expert in the subject. Universities often dish them out for receiving buckets of money.

Over the years Bill has emerged as an outspoken figure in the realm of vaccinations, epidemics, pandemics, and diseases. But with no medical background Gates is not an expert in the field. He is not a medical scientists, practitioner or epidemiologist or specialist in infectious diseases so really has no authority in these fields other than opinion. And, as his opinion is coloured by his belief in eugenics it is open to question what his agenda might be.

There is a principle called the six degrees of separation "Six degrees of separation is the theory that everyone and everything is six or fewer steps away, by way of introduction, from any other person in the world, so that a chain of "a friend of a friend" statements can be made to connect any two people in a maximum of six steps. It was originally set out by Frigyes Karinthy and popularized by a play written by John Guare." And, using it, all people on this planet can theoretically be connected through a friend of a friend, i.e. you can know anyone on this planet, including those at the top of the heap it seems.

The ‘six degrees of separation’ theory argues that we are all just six introductions away from any other person on the planet. But as two of the wealthiest men to ever exist, is the connection between Microsoft founder Bill Gates and Standard Oil founder John D. Rockefeller closer than we think?

In fact Bill Gates is related to the Rockefellers, albeit quite loosely. According to Famous Kin, Bill’s 7th cousin 3 times removed is Nelson Rockefeller, the 41st Vice President of the United States. Nelson’s grandfather is billionaire John D. Rockefeller.

So, his relationship is closer that you think.

Gates has often spoken of the need for governments and agencies to work together, sharing information and projects. On one hand, this sounds wonderful: nations working together to solve the world’s problems with philanthropist Bill Gates leading the charge. The problem here is with Gates eugenic viewpoint and his absolute commitment to immoral practices such as abortion, abortifacient contraception, and population control.

It is possible his viewpoints on these matters were adopted or cultured during childhood. Gates was raised in a family that taught him the dubious value of abortion, contraception, and eugenics. His father, Bill Gates Sr, sat on the board of abortion giant Planned Parenthood before Roe vs Wade. Gates Sr also sat on the board of the charitable group, United Way, with his wife Bill Gates’ mother. United Way has ties to the abortion industry according to their own website just under one-tenth of one percent of their donations fund abortions and while this figure may seem insignificant, it equates to a cool USD $3 million annually. Gates Sr is now co-Chair of the Gates Foundation.

Warren Buffett is another billionaire investor in eugenics. Buffett is the