The Deployment of Technology

13 Aug 2021 | Michael Moore | Email:

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The deployment of technology in pharmaceuticals is becoming more prevalent each day.

Once technology was relegated to the logistics of the pharmaceutical industry, but now technology itself is entering the very products it produces.

Take the recent mRNA deployment for example.

A Big Tech/biotech whistle blower, who is concealing his true identity for now but goes by the namer of Liberty Man, has exposed some remarkable facts concerning the current ingredients of the modern day ‘vaccine.’

“We’re going to be digging into basically, what I think is the Rosetta Stone…It’s going to give you the perspective on why they’re pushing this stuff so hard. For the doctors and scientists out there, you’re going to understand all the vaccine injuries going on right now. But more importantly, you’re going to understand two key things of the agenda and why they’re pushing so hard; what this means to them.”

“To understand these shots, you need to understand that there are two parallel revolutions at play, from a technology perspective. There’s a biotech side to it and a nanotech side to it.”

He points out that the Antibody-Dependant Enhancement (ADE) and “pathogenic priming” side effects that we’ve seen – and whe