The Destruction of Freedoms

06 Sept 2021 | Please subscribe and Share; Please follow us on telegram

From a concern Citizen - Thank you for speaking up!

How dare Daniel Andrew’s keep on niggling at us the Australian people’s “ God Given and Unalienable Right to REFUSE the so-called Anti Covid 19 vaccine jab, or Needle Rape ! That Is what it really is !

Growing numbers of people who have had these Anti Covid 19 injections have suffered Myocarditis and or other serious medical problems after these injections.

Some to vomiting or wracking muscle pains throughout their whole body. Some victims have suffered other serious ailments like terrible shortness of breath to having been rushed to hospital when terrible weakness assailed their whole body and their legs collapsed necessitating long stays in hospital with some patients losing their lives after these Covid 19 injections killing them after a few days.

I stress the word UNALIENABLE as unlike inalienable, unalienable comes from God Almighty. It is our birthright when we are born and cannot be changed by any man or woman at any time.

At no time or anywhere in the world must any man woman or child be forced against their will to be vaccinated with an injection of any vaccine or forced into accepting any medical procedure against their will and better judgement.

To do so is strictly against their Unalienable and God Given Rights and against the International Charter of Human Rights signed into Law in 1948 by a multitude of countries. It is also against the Nuremberg War Crimes Charter of 1947.

This I boldly state as a student of Common Law for a number of years.

Common Law was brought into being by the Barron’s of England and Senior Churchmen on the 15th of June 1215 AD at Runnymede England not far from London.

Common Law was brought into being to curb the excess taxes that bad Prince John forced upon the poor peasants and give these people common land for their domestic cows and other good reasons.

Sadly, it seems that Daniel Andrews and the other Australian State’s Premiers seem to have forgotten all about, not only Common Law but about the Nuremberg War Crimes Charter of 1947 whe