The Dominos are Falling

January 18 2022 | Frank Ziovas | Please share and subscribe join our telegram channel

For the last 4 weeks I have been saying to people, that the ‘energies’ are at tipping point, and I can feel something is about to happen that will change the current state of the world and where we are headed. This feeling has become more intense in the last 2 weeks, and no matter what I did, I could not shake it.

The movement of knowledge and people’s awareness has changed exponentially over the last 4 weeks. We are seeing protests all over the world, and people are starting to wake up to the fact, that they have complied with government mandates, been locked up for extended periods of time, had their 2 vaccines and possible boosters, but are still now having to wear masks, face restrictions and, according to the latest ‘science’, are still catching and transmitting the virus - whichever variant is the latest flavour put out by the ‘fear media’.

Those of us in the know of course have always been hyper-aware that this has never been about health or protecting us, this has always been about control, the great reset and wealth redistribution. We have known, that behind the health pandemic a crime beyond comprehension was being hidden. A crime so ambitious in fact, that most people dare not think it possible, hiding their head in the sand, and going along with the government agendas simply because that is the easiest option. And here we have it; the verdict of the International Common Law Court of Justice, naming 75 individuals complicit of these crimes, associated arrest warrants and warrants for seizure and expropriation, which will see the individuals not only rotting in jail for the terms of their natural lives, but also stripped of their assets and their corporations dismantled. Among those noteworthy, are the CEOs of Pfizer Pharmaceuticals and Glaxo Smith Kline Pharmaceuticals, the Pope and Elizabeth Windsor, Queen of England. Yes, indeed, you read correctly!

The legal action was brought on by the Canadian citizens and the 18-page verdict details the extent of the crimes, which are beyond comprehension. You should be warned, as even I, who has been exposed to many gruesome details and documents over the last 24 months, was affected emotionally when reading it. It is not for the light-hearted.

Whilst this is not the usual court pathway, it is in essence a common law ‘people’s court’ for one of a better word, established and conducted in an ethical manner, with an appointed judge and rules of evidence applied to the evidence presented. It has in fact been a detailed and thorough process that has taken close to 5 months to bring to closure.

This court process has also managed to achieve the removal of Pope Benedict in 2013 and others associated, so perhaps this particular process should not be underestimated. This verdict could be viewed as a bit of a ‘toothless tiger’ and as with anything, how do you achieve court compliance with a verdict, when there is the possibility that police and other authorities may not be operating on the same side of the law. Let’s face it, even Scott Morrison has not complied with conventional court and AAT directives with regards to producing evidence. So, what hope do we really have?

It should however build confidence with people, that the justice system is working for the people and is starting to move, uncovering the truth and the extent of the crimes are starting to coming to light. The verdict will be particularly hard hitting for the people who were coerced to take the vaccines or who chose to take the vaccines, led to believe by governments that this was for their health and others, as the extent of these poisons dawns on their consciousness. The “vaccines” have been called ‘weapons of mass genocide’ in the court verdict and were produced purely to control population numbers and growth, causing deaths, long term illnesses and side effects, still births and infertility to name a few. The fallout of which will be seen for years to come. The court verdict and details contained within, will take a while for the vaccinated and ‘Covidians’ to digest.

Of course, there are other court actions pending and ready to be lodged by various parties, which we will share with you in further posts. But at this stage, it appears the dominos are starting to fall as more and more information surfaces.

Download the verdict below

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