The Dragons of Fear & Apathy

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There is a tone scale. At the top there is enthusiasm and happiness. At the bottom there is fear and apathy.

It has been said, and it is very true, that if you drive a person down into apathy you can control them. Their ability to be responsible goes out the door and they basically give up. You then make all their decisions for them.

With the advent of the ‘new’ virus a marvellous opportunity arise to introduce more controls to manage the population. You might be forgiving to think this is a wide conspiracy theory however. After all how do you get million and millions of people convinced that you have their interests at heart while slowly introducing more and more controls. Surely millions of people are not IN on this? Well tell that to Santa Clause. I bet he would be interested.

It come down to, how much responsibility are you willing to take? And how much are you willing to give up?

When a population is pounded day after day with the instruction to be fearful and death is just around the corner for months on end. Guess what the result is going to be?

Add the enforcement of cutting communication.No going out, stay at home increase the distance between you and others, cover your face, and no visiting loved ones otherwise you are likely to die! And repeat this for months, nay, years on end and you have a nation subjugated down into submission and you did not even need any bullets.

People are in Fear and Apathy. They need to be pulled out of that into Antagonism and Anger, THEN they will act. Nothing to do with logic. It is to do with emotional tone levels. There are those that understand this which is why they continually harp on being fearful and removing the ability of people, to be responsible.

The culture that is being impressed upon society is one of subjugation through the use of Fear to make it easier to control the population. Now you tell me that is NOT an attractive proposition for any government?

There is a solution to all of this. Given the opportunity people will bounce back up the tone scale to cheerfulness. It does not take much. That is the natural state for a person. People want to be happy and cheerful. They enjoy each other’s company and being with their loved ones. The weakness with pushing them DOWN the tone scale is that one has to continually do so otherwise they will bounce back up again. So a continual beat the fear drum is a necessity. Let up for one minute and people will go out and start working and enjoying life again. So we tell them if they try to start living again they might die. Insanity, yet so many people buy into it. Mainly because it

1. Has been beaten into them and

2. Is easier than being responsible.

The solution is to raise people’s tone level. Up from Apathy and Fear to more active levels such as Antagonism, Anger and then up to Enthusiasm. Part of this is realising how one got there in the first place. Then starting to feel angry about it. People have told one so often, “Don’t be angary.” This says more about the person who cannot face anger than the angry person. It is OK to be angry. It is OK to be antagonistic. It is Ok to be happy and cheerful. One can boot oneself UP the tone scale. This will tend to bring one out of the apathy. In addition, mixing with people in one way or another who are NOT in Apathy and Fear but are higher on the tone scale. Such as cheerfulness for example.

This is all common sense. It does not require a degree in something or other to feel happy and enjoy live. It only requires that one recognises that it is possible to be happy and has the determination to do so. It is not also sweetness and light. It includes the recognition that there are those determined to keep one in lower states of fear and this is not a natural state but more an artificial one so one can reject it as not ones true self but is more an overlay.

The best way to counter such artificiality, which is largely all smoke and mirrors, is to live life. Enjoy life. Go out and enjoy your friends, your loved ones, throw away the placard of fear and luxuriate in the knowledge that you are a free being regardless.

As the Italians say. Viva la Vita! Life Life!

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