The Gradient Approach

How do you turn a free country into a Police State? It is simple enough. Change a few rules and permissions, introduce restrictions for the population (that do not apply to you of course as ‘you are in charge.’

However, the biggest block is the acceptance.

How do you get people to accept the new state?

It is called the Gradient Approach and it relies on the fact that people will accept incremental changes to their lives that are just under the uncomfortable zone. But if there is an ’apparent’ danger then those changes can be increased in a climate of FEAR promoted to instil more acceptance by resignation.

Here is an example

Create a virus. This serves a multi-purpose.

1. It is essentially invisible to people so somewhat of a mystery. They cannot see it or disprove it.

2. It provides an excuse to initiate changes ‘for health and safety.’ In the direction of more restrictions

3. It offers an excellent justification for imposing more controls on society.

This can be done using the twin buttons of infection and death. Therefore, limits to prevent both infection and death can be justified.

Start by

  1. Reducing the distance between individual

  2. Reducing the travel permitted by individuals

  3. Close small businesses and favour the large corporations.

  4. Reduce people’s ability to work and move them closer to the poverty line.

  5. Make everyone dependent on handouts

  6. Tax the large corporations for the funds for the handouts.

  7. Simply print more money for handouts. The value of the currency will go down reducing it's purchasing power and ensuring that the population remain at the subsistence level.

  8. Introduce a vaccination which is compulsory in as many countries as possible. Where it is not compulsory introduce regulations where one must have a vaccination in order to travel or access certain products or services. (This was tested out in the work for the dole system which was unwittingly accepted by those out of work, so they know people will be desperate enough to swallow it – or have it injected in this case)

  9. Impose full control of the population with changing and more restriction regulations and laws removing any remaining human rights.

You now have a fully functioning Police State. And all done with the Gradient Approach method.

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