The Illogics of Governments

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

13 July 2021 | Michael Moore |

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Governments act in an illogical way. Most they consider the best way to handle something is to dramatize the word STOP. Close everything down, reduce movement. Keep things and people still. Be a cemetery in other words. This is why so many people are now becoming more and more disillusioned with their government. This can be illustrated in the following examples.

At the Supermarket A customer asks, “Why is there plastic on the payment keypad?”

Cashier, “To protect people from Covid.”

Customer, “But isn’t everyone touching the plastic keypad the same way they would the regular keypad?”

Cashier: no words. Confused look.

Customer, “Why Don’t you pack the grocery bags anymore?”

Cashier, “Because of Covid -19 to reduce the spread of catching or spreading the virus.”

Customer, “But a shelf packer took it out of a box and put it on the shelf, a few customers might have picked it up and put back deciding they don’t want it, I put it in my cart then on the conveyor belt, YOU pick it up to scan it... But putting it in a bag after you scan is risky?”

Cashier: no words, confused look

At the drive through Server: (holding out a tray out the window with a bag of food for logical friend to grab)

Customer, “Why is my bag of food on a tray?”

Server, “So I don’t touch your food because of Covid.”

Customer, “Didn’t the cook touch my food? Didn’t the person wrapping my food touch it and then touch it again when placing it in my bag? Didn’t you touch the bag and put it on the tray? Didn’t you touch the tray?”

Server: no words. Confused look

If you cough or sneeze, do it in your elbow or sleeve where you tap others, and don’t shake hands or hug anyone or you will spread the virus (unless you are a VIP at a VIP meeting and off camera)

To greet people do an elbow tap instead. Me : Elbow tap ? Isn't that where you tell people to sneeze or cough? into their elbow? Now you want people to tap each other with that elbow wouldn't it be safer to sneeze into elbow and shake hands like we did before Covid?

Customer at a restaurant:

Hostess, “OK, I can seat you at this table right here (4 feet away), but I will need you to wear a mask to the table.”

Customer, “What happens when I get to the table?”

Hostess, “You can take off the mask.”

Customer, “Then it is safe over there?”

Hostess. “Yes.”

Customer, “Are those fans blowing above the table? Is that the air-conditioning I feel? Is the air circulating in here?

Hostess: no words. Confused look.

Logic. You must wear a mask in when out and about and going to a restaurant, but it is safe to remove it to eat because you are not going to spread germs and viruses when you eat.

If you are alone on a beach, you must wear a mask, to protect the beach?

Customer in society: You are not allowed to stand and drink when at the pub, you have to sit down. Yet when at the shopping centre you are not allowed to sit down but must stand up because all the chairs are roped off or removed.

You must wear a mask and jeans and panties because viruses you might have will be issued from your body when you fart or break wind (and with more force than breathing.). Oh, you wear the mask over your face, so it is ineffective when you fart.

So, you must keep an anti-social distance except when in an elevator when you can all crowd in and fart away like mad. (asking everyone first of all if they can smell popcorn).

You must wear a mask because you might spread germs and viruses when you breathe but to test if you have a virus you have to have a stick shoved up your arse (sorry, nose) as it does not come out through your saliva or mouth even though you must wear a mask over your mouth.

You do not know if you have a virus until you’re tested.

And so, the insanity continues.

Time for a change

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