25 April 2021 Michael Moore Email

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“Understanding is composed of Affinity, Reality and Communication. This triangle tells us that the co-existent relationship between affinity, reality and communication is such that none can be increased without a resulting increase in the other two and none can be decreased without decreasing the other two. Of the three, communication is by far the most important.

Affinity and reality exist to further communication. Under the heading of affinity we have, for instance, all the varied emotions which go from apathy through grief, fear, anger, antagonism, boredom, enthusiasm, exhilaration and serenity in that order. It is affinity and this rising scale of the characteristics of emotion which give us the Tone Scale.”

The Book of Basics

Where on the tone scale do you think the following lies?

  • Anti-social distancing (Must be 3 or six feet away from others)

  • Must wear a mask at all times

  • No touching!

  • People must stay in their homes

  • Curfews

  • Small business must stop trading

  • There is something going around that you cannot see that has no symptoms (asymptomatic) and no effect yet must be stopped.