They are Coming for our Kids

Updated: Aug 7, 2021

08 August 2021 | Frank Ziovas | Please share and subscribe; Also follow us on telegram

"When we hear the government say "It's for your own safety or I am from the government and I am here to help," be ready to lose more of our rights or worse our kids.

Brett Sutton just admitted that the C0VID tests cannot differentiate between the flu and C0VID! "We have got virtually no flu in Australia, much like last year" could this be because the test does not distinguish between covid and the flu? (at verified by the CDC in their latest report)

Scott Morrison says he encourages people to make their own decision yet he coerces people into taking this experimental drug with known side effects including death. An example is his No Jab No Pay SCHEME!

Scott Morrison, who consorts with alleged paedophile (His friend and Pastor has just been served by the police for harbouring a known paedophile) is taking Australia into a medical apartheid, jabbing people by offering incentives and force.

Next week 24,000 Kids will be forced to take what amounts to an experimental poison."

Link to the WA Health Site

In the UK a father had his child removed (Please watch video) from his home because he chose to home school. Police come in the middle of the night, took his child away like the Nazis did when Hitler rained supreme! What is next?

People who don't believe in the narrative being taken to concentration camps? or maybe Reporters who speak against the government becoming political prisoners?

If people if do not believe this is not coming to Australia think again! Remember 2 week to flatten the curve?

It's now 18 months in and we have:

  • Destroyed businesses

  • Lost lives through suicide

  • Destroyed the economy

  • and eliminated every disease?

While government employees received pay rises.

This ends one of 2 ways:

Either people rise demand their freedom back in millions or we head straight into a dystopian future where the state takes control of everyone's life! If we head into a dystopian future we lose our kids!

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