Tribute To a Legend


Diego Armando Maradona left us suddenly, Diego, El Pibe de oro… a month after he turned 60 he was struck down by cardiac arrest. Many messages of condolence from all over the world and especially from Naples where the fans stayed all night outside the San Paolo Stadium to remember him and bring flowers.

After 10pm there was a curfew but no one came home ... Diego Maradona was the King of football and will always be. The goals against England were memorable, one valid and one not, as were the memorable ones scored with the Napoli shirt, who won 2 championships thanks to him alone! However, Maradona's decline began when he was still playing: in Naples he frequented the underworld that protected him, then cocaine, alcohol and many other not very clear situations.

The relationship with Naples and Italy was ruined during the Italy Argentina semifinal of the 1990 World Cup in Italy which was played in Naples… He hoped that the Neapolitans would cheer Argentina… So it wasn't! After the goal on penalties and the exultation of that semifinal, the Argentine national anthem was booed in Rome and he insulted the Italian people in the world of vision ... He had become only Diego, now without any protection or cover: he was so surprised positive for cocaine in a doping control after the Napoli - Bari match. He was sentenced to 18 months of disqualification and escaped from Naples. After a year in Seville he returned to his Buenos Aires and his Boca Junior.

The Maradona myth was written, no matter if he did not do well as a coach, Diego made himself known as an actor and as a guest on many TV programs. In Naples, Argentina and all over the world he will always be the greatest of all ... A hero on the pitch, loyal and sincere but gentle and affable outside ... This is also why Diego Maradona will always be a legend! R.I.P.

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