Updated: Nov 28

18 Nov 2021 (Updated 28 Nov 2021) | Frank Ziovas |

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Few days ago i was blocked by Dr Jane Ruby, because I had the obesity to ask a question about Trumps ties to Ashkenazi Jews.

Let's for a moment suspend reality and believe Trump was acting in good faith because he was provided with wrong information. Then why did Trump secretly convert to Judaism back in 2017? the ceremony was conducted behind closed doors in secret with Chabad Lubavitch.

This is according to Whitehouse officials.

Many other statements were made on national Television about Trump being the first Jewish president.

Why would most of his administration be Ashkanazi Jews which are also part of the establishment and Deep State?

Please watch the THE HIDDEN HISTORY OF KHAZAR (ASHKANAZI) JEWS to understand that Ashkanazi Jews are not Jewish - there is a mis-conception that all Jews are Jewish.

Let's now take a closer look at some of the facts: His entire team when he was in Office most Ashkenazi Jews.

Trump spoke and continues to speak out against the establishment...Funny that! How could he speak out against the establishment when most of the people he hired were from the establishment?

Fact: CNN, ABC, Hollywood all Jewish own and and Hollywood hate Donald Trump?

Now let's take a look at some of Trumps appointments, almost all were neo cons as he surrounded himself with Rothchild zionists.

Steve Mnuchin is one amongst many - worked for Goldman Sachs also worked for George Soros! Hollywood Producer!!!!