Updated: Nov 27, 2021

18 Nov 2021 (Updated 28 Nov 2021) | Frank Ziovas |

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Few days ago i was blocked by Dr Jane Ruby, because I had the obesity to ask a question about Trumps ties to Ashkenazi Jews.

Let's for a moment suspend reality and believe Trump was acting in good faith because he was provided with wrong information. Then why did Trump secretly convert to Judaism back in 2017? the ceremony was conducted behind closed doors in secret with Chabad Lubavitch.

This is according to Whitehouse officials.

Many other statements were made on national Television about Trump being the first Jewish president.

Why would most of his administration be Ashkanazi Jews which are also part of the establishment and Deep State?

Please watch the THE HIDDEN HISTORY OF KHAZAR (ASHKANAZI) JEWS to understand that Ashkanazi Jews are not Jewish - there is a mis-conception that all Jews are Jewish.

Let's now take a closer look at some of the facts: His entire team when he was in Office most Ashkenazi Jews.

Trump spoke and continues to speak out against the establishment...Funny that! How could he speak out against the establishment when most of the people he hired were from the establishment?

Fact: CNN, ABC, Hollywood all Jewish own and and Hollywood hate Donald Trump?

Now let's take a look at some of Trumps appointments, almost all were neo cons as he surrounded himself with Rothchild zionists.

Steve Mnuchin is one amongst many - worked for Goldman Sachs also worked for George Soros! Hollywood Producer!!!!

Here are a list of the all the Ashkenazi Jews Trump appointed while in office:

  • Paul Atikins

  • Elliot Brody

  • Safra Catz

  • Michael Cohen

  • Gary Cohn

  • Gil Dezer

  • Michael Dezer

  • Boris Epshteyn

  • Larry Fink (Blackrock)

  • Robert Mercer

  • Jason Miller

  • Stephen Miller

  • Elon Musk

  • George Ross

  • Wilbur Ross Jr

  • Stephen Roth

  • Lara Trump

  • Venessa Trump

Let's not forget the epitome of Evil Henry (The Anti-Crist) Kissinger advising Kushner! must be all a coincidence right?

Trump is supported, owned and operated by the Rothchild zionist Jew power structure. This is a verifiable fact!

How can you be anti establishment and be pro Israel?

How much money did Pfizer receive from the Trump administration?

According to the The Hill

"The Trump administration’s nearly $2 billion investment in Pfizer and a smaller German biotechnology company for a coronavirus vaccine is raising eyebrows among lawmakers and drug pricing advocates.
The deal announced Wednesday is the largest yet for “Operation Warp Speed,” the Trump administration’s sprawling push to have a coronavirus vaccine widely available by early next year."

Remember Operation Warp Speed?

Vaccines are coming from the greatest companies anywhere in the world, greatest labs in the world.
This is a very successful, amazing vaccine at 90% and more effective.

This is how many lives have been lost and injured thanks to Operation Warp Speed!

As of Oct 15th 17,128 Deaths - I am sure it's saving lots of lives!!!

Trump was the trojan horse, a wolf in sheep's clothing!

In a recent interview with Levin Trump said:

"Most vaccines take 12 years, they said this would take anywhere from 3-5 but most likely more than 5, and I got it done in less than nine months."

Trumps own words from March 2020

“You know it’s a massive job to give this vaccine,” Trump said in an interview broadcast Thursday on Fox Business Network. “Our military is now being mobilized so at the end of the year, we’re going to be able to give it to a lot of people very, very rapidly.”

He said he believes there will be a vaccine by the end of the year and the United States is mobilizing “our military and other forces” on that assumption.

The White House has set a target of having 300 million vaccine doses by the end of 2020. No such vaccine for this pathogen has been approved though a number are under development, and producing and distributing an effective vaccine are seen as key steps to jumpstarting the U.S. economy.

Still not convinced?

How about the money Donald trump donated to Gavi?

US President Donald Trump “donated more to Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, to prevent the spread of infectious diseases worldwide.” He did so in a statement of support for Gavi at the public Gavi pledge conference, which was hosted by the United Kingdom, on June 4th. So far, the United States has donated more than $12 billion for the development of COVID-19 vaccines and therapies, and “the U.S. commitment to immunization complements the work of innovators in the United States and other countries who are racing to find a vaccine and treatments for COVID­19.” (source)

Bill and Melinda Gates co-founded the Gavi alliance in the year 2000, it’s a public-private partnership that claims to support “global health-system strengthening and vaccine deployment for infectious diseases worldwide.” (source)

Here’s a video clip of Trump talking about his decision.

Shortly after this, Trump announced that they will give nearly $2 billion to Pfizer, a big pharmaceutical company, for 100 million doses of a COVID-19 vaccine that could make its way into the public domain sometime next year. According to Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar, the U.S. could buy another 500 million doses under the agreement if the vaccine is safe and effective in the U.S.

Between Pfizer and Gavi who's stated purpose is to Vaccinate the entire planet...What could go wrong?

People still be live the political theatre that Trump surprised the establishment! Trump ushered in the Global agenda quicker then anyone else could.

How about Moderna?

Moderna separately said the deal for its vaccine, mRNA-1273, is worth $1.53 billion and will give the federal government the option to purchase up to 400 million additional doses. The U.S. has already invested $955 million in Moderna’s vaccine development, bringing its total investment up to $2.48 billion, the company said in a press release Tuesday.

Quote from 1998

In my opinion Donald Trump has the blood on is hands...People have died and will continue to die because of the death shot Trump helped create!

No one gets into power without the blessing of the Bilderberg Group

You know as well as I do, that any effort like ‘Operation Warp Speed’ to create a coronavirus vaccine leads you to the CDC, which leads you to Anthony Fauci, which leads you to the WHO, which leads you to Bill Gates, which leads you to the global vaccination and digital identification program people have been fervently warning you about. I will not be taking any vaccine from anyone, so there is zero chance I will be receiving an Immunity Passport.

Trojan horse or just just one big coincidence?