Up To Date Changes To Keep The Narrative Going

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

June 11 2021 | Michael Moore | michael.moore@seetvnews.com

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It used to be Deaths. “2 deaths today!” That lasted a while. Then when the deaths finished because no one was dying, it became Cases. We have “20 cases today.” Then cases dropped off so another ‘reason’ had to be found. Aha we got it! “Exposure sites!” This is the new Fear being propagated.

What is an exposure site? A site where there might be an exposure? No deaths, no cases anymore, just exposure sites. And now there are different levels of exposure site. What the hell does that mean?

What all this means is that it is becoming more difficult to keep people suppressed down into fear so some scrambling around is now being done to maintain the status quo.

How do you keep a population in fear when there is nothing to be fearful of?

I wonder what is next? Suspected exposure sites? And then someone thought about being exposed at the local supermarket? So we better take precautions, ‘just in case?’

It is just getting sillier and sillier.

The old adage, you get what you resist comes to mind. The more free people become and the more they start to see what is REALLY going on the more those that wish to suppress them using fear and mystery get desperate and frantic and the more they try to suppress freedom and the more freedom they get. All they are doing is simply waking people up.

Let’s see just how silly they get with their reasons for lock down and mask wearing that would not even keep out a fart and anti-social distancing.

We are not in Fear of a mystery invisibility and neither should you be.


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