Victorian Electoral Roll

16 Nov 2021 | Michael Moore |

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There are 4,311,653 people on the roll in Victoria as at 3 November 2021.

There was a Rally last Saturday (13th Nov) in M3elbourne covering several blocks. Masses pf men, women and children, most of them voters including some members of Parliament and dignitaries spent about four hours in the rain protesting Daniel Andrews draconian bill to give him absolute power over all Victorians.

Around 2 percent of the electoral roll attended the Rally last Saturday around 80,000 plus many NOT on the electoral roll such as children.

This may not seem much except when you consider that the margin between the Liberal and Labor members in parliament is so small the Labor government has to cajole, entice or make unknown promises of something to get three cross benchers vote in order to get the bill passed.

This means the vote for Labor is small! Not even enough to get the bill passed without support. The Liberals are not supporting the Bill so two percent is a BIG difference and shows the influence 80,000 people can have.

And the Rally is by no means finished. As from Monday (15th Nov) there will be a rally each and every day until Thursday when the bill is debated again.

Keeping the pressure up rally supporters will be camped on the steps of Parliament House to remind politicians how they keep their seats.

The results of the next election may well depend on what happens in the coming week.

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