Viennese child psychiatrists bring a danger report

15 Feb 2022 | SEETVNEWS | Please join our Telegram channel

The staff shortage is no longer acceptable, criticize eleven doctors from the child and adolescent psychiatric clinic in Hietzing. The health association knows the problem - throughout Austria.

Eleven doctors in child and adolescent psychiatry at the Hietzing Clinic are sounding the alarm due to the overload - exacerbated by the pandemic. The doctors have brought in a hazard report to draw attention to the situation. The health association confirmed a corresponding report by the "Kurier" on Wednesday. One is aware of this problem. Additional posts were only made last year.

An overload, structural defect or hazard notification is a detailed description of the facts that can be used to draw the attention of supervisors to problems. This should always be done when it is foreseeable that the work can no longer be carried out on your own in such a way that damage - as in the specific case at the expense of the patient's health - or work or other contractual injuries can be ruled out be able. Due to the lack of staff and the massive increase in the number of patients, the eleven psychiatrists at the clinic on the Rosenhügel site have now filed such a complaint.

"Situations that are negligent for everyone involved"

According to "Kurier", the doctors point out that the situation can no longer be managed with the existing resources. "We no longer want to get ourselves into situations that are ultimately negligent for everyone involved," the newspaper quoted from the ad. The bottlenecks had already been pointed out in the summer, but there was no improvement. The indicators demand more staff from the management, if this is not possible, they were asked to prioritize their tasks - for example in acute care.

The health association is aware of the shortage of specialists in the field of child and adolescent psychiatry. It was said that this was not only the case in Vienna, but throughout Austria. Health Minister Wolfgang Mückstein (Greens) only presented an amendment to the doctors' training regulations on Monday, with which the training key is changed. This is intended to counter the lack of psychiatric and psychotherapeutic treatment options for children and adolescents that have become apparent during the pandemic and to train more doctors in this area.

Additional posts created in 2021

Even before the overload was reported, "additional posts for the subjects of pediatrics, general medicine and the field of clinical psychology were made available last year to relieve the clinic," the health association said. In addition, there was an increase in the number of permanent posts in the supply-relevant professional groups of doctors, nurses and multi-professional teams, such as psychologists or pedagogues. According to the health association, all existing training positions have been filled.

In order to relieve the medical profession in the Hietzing Clinic, an additional department for transitional psychiatry was created in the Floridsdorf Clinic with 14 beds for adolescents and young adults in July 2021, the health association stated. However, the situation is no better there. According to "Kurier", not all specialist positions are occupied there in the child and adolescent psychiatric department.

"The city of Vienna must finally ensure adequate child and adolescent psychiatric care. Capacity must be expanded and human resources increased. How many calls for help will it take before action is finally taken," said ÖVP health spokeswoman Ingrid Korosec. For well over ten years, the Viennese ÖVP has been calling for appropriate reforms in this context. However, no sustainable measures were taken.

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