Was Bush involved with human and drug trafficking?

Updated: Feb 6

Sebastian Tombs 4 February 2021

Updated 11:54am 06 February 2021

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The following was sent anonymously complete with factual documentation. The source has been protected due to the number of deaths that have been involved with this information being exposed.

This documentation provided to me, was obtained by the source, prior to the 2016 election, this concerns the C-130 that ‘Crashed’ off the coast of Honduras on January the 22nd 1985. Major Michael JT Durante, the pilot, was my oldest Brother. His wife was 9 months pregnant at the time and about to give birth.

The official story “THEY” (the military) told the world (see references below) was he crashed into the ocean a few miles off shore. That is a lie. He did not. that he lost instruments and was going to peek under the clouds to get their bearings crashing into the ocean, because the clouds had lowered to just above the ocean a few miles offshore. They showed videos of retrieving the bodies and sent 5 of the 21 home. That is a lie. He did not crash that far out in fact he landed the plane about a hundred meters from the beach and all passengers survived.

They all made it to shore with all passengers. HE made it to shore.

The plane was shot down by a rocket.

Bush was the Director of the CIA at that time.

The NORMAL RESCUE PROCEDUREs would be to stay on the beach set a fire and stay together and await recue. This was not what they did, The crew and the passengers were split up into 2 groups and each group headed into the jungle in different directions. My brother knew “THEY” were after them because prior to the flight he refused, as the pilot, to carry suspected drugs on the aircraft. As the Pilot of the plane, my brother had a right to know what his cargo was, civilian members of the CIA wanted to transport what looked like medical containers, on his flight. He asked to see the contents. They refused, so he would not let them be put on.

I do not know how long they survived. I DO know all were murdered by a clean-up team as listed in this document. The Clinton's ran the drugs and the money was used to buy arms for the Iran contra affair in a money laundering scheme most people have heard about, but probably don’t understand.

Bush was the Director of the CIA at that time and acting VP at that moment.

Some background to this whole scenario. My mom didn't want Mike to go on this mission as his wife was due with his second son min just a few short weeks. Mike had served several tours through Vietnam while on Active duty and had more hours as a C-130 Pilot than any other pilot in the military at that time. In fact he was