Was Bush involved with human and drug trafficking?

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Sebastian Tombs 4 February 2021

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The following was sent anonymously complete with factual documentation. The source has been protected due to the number of deaths that have been involved with this information being exposed.

This documentation provided to me, was obtained by the source, prior to the 2016 election, this concerns the C-130 that ‘Crashed’ off the coast of Honduras on January the 22nd 1985. Major Michael JT Durante, the pilot, was my oldest Brother. His wife was 9 months pregnant at the time and about to give birth.

The official story “THEY” (the military) told the world (see references below) was he crashed into the ocean a few miles off shore. That is a lie. He did not. that he lost instruments and was going to peek under the clouds to get their bearings crashing into the ocean, because the clouds had lowered to just above the ocean a few miles offshore. They showed videos of retrieving the bodies and sent 5 of the 21 home. That is a lie. He did not crash that far out in fact he landed the plane about a hundred meters from the beach and all passengers survived.

They all made it to shore with all passengers. HE made it to shore.

The plane was shot down by a rocket.

Bush was the Director of the CIA at that time.

The NORMAL RESCUE PROCEDUREs would be to stay on the beach set a fire and stay together and await recue. This was not what they did, The crew and the passengers were split up into 2 groups and each group headed into the jungle in different directions. My brother knew “THEY” were after them because prior to the flight he refused, as the pilot, to carry suspected drugs on the aircraft. As the Pilot of the plane, my brother had a right to know what his cargo was, civilian members of the CIA wanted to transport what looked like medical containers, on his flight. He asked to see the contents. They refused, so he would not let them be put on.

I do not know how long they survived. I DO know all were murdered by a clean-up team as listed in this document. The Clinton's ran the drugs and the money was used to buy arms for the Iran contra affair in a money laundering scheme most people have heard about, but probably don’t understand.

Bush was the Director of the CIA at that time and acting VP at that moment.

Some background to this whole scenario. My mom didn't want Mike to go on this mission as his wife was due with his second son min just a few short weeks. Mike had served several tours through Vietnam while on Active duty and had more hours as a C-130 Pilot than any other pilot in the military at that time. In fact he was the most experienced C-130 Hercules Pilot in the air force with thousands of hours experience. He was currently in the Air Force reserves but was a pilot for an airline as he regular job. Just after Vietnam, he worked with the CIA after Vietnam as a pilot getting people out of the country. He had previously worked with the CIA after Vietnam.

Just two hours before he crashed he was on radio silence. Yet he called our mom on an old cell phone to say he loved her and to take care of his wife and then hung up. My brother and my mother had had an argument at Christmas about politics. Two hours later they said a C-130 crashed off the coast of Honduras. He was the most experienced c-130 pilot in the air force with hundreds of hours experience. There was no way he would have simply crashed the plane. When an emergency broad cast hit the TV, through Reuters, our mom knew it was his. When she left to go to my sister in laws house, she arrived as the Unit Commander showed up to give my sister in law the news that the plane was missing. Over the next few days the official story was, we had seen recovery actions shown on TV, first they found the plane, deep in the water, they showed Navy Divers, bringing up torsos, and bodies over the period of maybe a week. They supposably found 5 bodies, and one was of the Crew, my brothers. It took some time for the remains to be identified and shipped to the homes for the pomp and ceremony of a military funeral.

That was all we knew, (although there had been several indications of this not being quite right) until six months later when I was stationed as an NCOIC (non- commissioned officer in charge) augmented to the air force for an Intel exercise, I was in the SCIF (self-contained intelligence facility. Now called the Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility - https://www.esd.whs.mil/Portals/54/Documents/DD/issuances/dodm/510521m_vol1.pdf) and a man from CIA was there. I was married and had my married name on my uniform, he did not know who I was. He was a civilian and his area of ‘interest’ was Honduras. I didn't have Durante on as a name tag so he did not know who I was. I brought up the flight that crashed and he bragged how they took him out because he wouldn't take the drugs on board this was part of the Iran Contract affair.

He went on to tell me that they made it to the beach, and they had a cleanup team sent there to silence the Crew. As to impress me he told me the whole story. How they found rescue gear and rafts and trails that split up going opposite directions into the jungles. When he was done with his story, I rattled off the names of the Crew starting with my brother, I told him the pilot was my brother. Needless to say, he became very quiet. No one else was around and heard his admission so I had no proof.

Several times over the following years I ran into several people who knew of this. Finally this report was given to me by a guy who had worked in area 51 for several years. He had heard of the incident and still had friends there. There was supposed to be a second report sent to me but I never got it.

This document has not gone public. The Democrats will say the Republicans are evil and it was Bush that was evil. The families of these people don't know the truth. Between the Bushes and Clinton's they have run this country all for their evil drugs, their connections with Iran and the Cabool and for human trafficking.

The report I was given is below. It was at the time hand typed and photocopied as to not be traceable thru computer algorithms. I was warned that I should not look up two crew members in any close period of time that clean up teams were still being used and looking up more than two names at a time would cause my search to be looked into. Bush is thankfully now dead, a traitor and a murderer as noted at his funeral with the wrinkled flag draped on his coffin. And his family receiving their notes. Please note that Mike Pence also received one of these notes. Of the former president at his Bush’s funeral only Trump and Carter didn’t get the notes. It is suggested that the notes said “They Know Everything, I am Sorry George H W Bush”

The official public reports are all lies. The above is what REALLY happened.

As a side note, they released the indictment documents that Bush received prior to his death, supposedly he wrote out a confession of all his crimes, I have not seen that. The indictment has references to the Iran Contra affair, I am hoping to see his confession to see if it includes taking out this plane. These scattered notes come from classified documents various sources. All simply confirmed what I was told by the guy in the CIA.

Below is a picture of Michael JT Durante

"You sign up to defend your country against all enemies foreign and domestic, and expect the government to protect it's service man and women"

- Unknown

To all who served and died protecting your country and the truth we solute and honor you.

Please see the PDF report below:

Download PDF • 756KB



U.S. C130 Crashes Off Honduras - The Washington Post


Airframe Details for C-130 #3109

Date Status Local S/N Airforce/Unit Version Name Info; Unknown [act]56-501: C-130A Unknown [act]56-501: USAF 815 TAS C-130A Unknown [act]56-501: USAF 817 TAS



ASN Aircraft accident Lockheed C-130A Hercules 56-0501 Trujillo-Capiro Airport (TJI) - Aviation Safety Network

A Lockheed C-130A Hercules plane, serial 56-0501, was damaged beyond repair in an accident 13 km NW off Trujillo-Capiro Airport (TJI), Honduras. There were 16 passengers and five crew members on board. The airplane operated on a flight from Balboa-Howard AFB (HOW) to Trujillo-Capiro Airport (TJI).


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