What Should We Do About It?

Do you have a business in Melbourne, or even Victoria? Is it teetering on the edge right now? There are over 500,000 business in Melbourne and Victoria who are in the brink of closing forever. Over one million people out of work.

All this for perhaps 200 people with a virus that 99 percent survive, or have only mild symptoms, out of five million healthy people? Similar to the flu

How is that justified?

How do you justify destroying a million people’s lives, create economic ruin, enforce draconian laws to fine people for WORKING and trying to live their lives? and cause over 750 deaths?

How do you ignore the chance for the population to develop immunity by enforcing mask wearing where they have little choice but to breath in a poisonous carbon dioxide their body has just tried to expel?
  • How do you justify this altered importance?

  • Is this destruction deliberate?

  • Is this done with malic a forethought?

  • Or is it gross incompetence?

  • How come an offer of free professional help is declined and cowboys are used to secure and protect and isolate infected individuals?

  • How come ‘no one knows’ how this came about?

One might think it is simply ship shod and fumbling and continual assertions of ‘I am right and I am not going to change,’ even in the face of an Everest of evidence to the contrary, that this is the wrong course to take. One might think it is gross incompetence.

But no one is stupid here. No one is actually an idiot.

This leaves me with the conclusion that this is being done deliberately.

This is an attempt to destroy Melbourne and its people.

One could ask why, but right now, our survive is prime concern.

So the next question is….What should we do about it?

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