Where is Daniel Andrews?

It is a bit of a mystery that Daniel Andrews, the Premier of Victoria seems to have gone to ground. No cameras allowed no images of him ‘recuperating.’ Just silence from a man that generally hogs the camera and spent months making regular statements.

A Politician that loves the camera, now in hiding?

What really happened I wonder. Firstly, we were told he fell over a chair on his way to work. Really? Then it changed to, he slipped and fell down some stairs at his beach house on the Peninsula. And broke his ribs as well as damaged the vertebrae in his spine. He went to the Frankston Hospital who then sent him to the King Alfred were he ‘narrowly’ missed surgery on his spine and is now home undergoing rehabilitation.

But rumours abound. One is that he was blind drunk and slipped and fell badly. Possible I suppose. Another is that he was beaten up with an offer he could not refuse. Makes sense when you consider he could be in hiding ‘until the bruises go down?’

After all five bullets were fired into his Office just a few short weeks ago https://www.seetvnews.com/post/breaking-news-daniel-andrews-offices-shot-up-with-five-bullets. Perhaps that was not warning enough and someone decided to make him an offer he could not refuse.

And why are his medical records kept a secret?

This guy is being paid almost half a million dollars a year and has almost destroyed Victoria with suppressive lock downs and, if history is anything to go by, more to come, unless he has good reason to change his mind of course.

What really happened I wonder? If anyone knows please do tell. I would be fascinated to know.

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