Who is Jane Halton?

Updated: Nov 14, 2020

Very few people will have heard of Jane Halton but she is a prime mover behind the scenes in the Victorian Government.

Halton's job in life in the Australian Public Service began in the Australian Bureau of Statistics but eventually moved on to be Deputy Secretary in the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, While in this post Halton was convener of the People Smuggling Taskforce in the Children Overboard Affair. Much of which was kept secret when the debacle over the deaths of 400 women and children occurred. Then, it seems, as a reward Prime Minister John Howard quickly appointed Jane Halton as Secretary of the new Department of Health and Ageing in January 2002 at a salary of 500,000 despite her having no medical qualifications or degrees. The Department was reformed as the Department of Health in September 2013, when the Abbott Government was elected, but Halton remained at the head. During this time, Halton, with no qualifications remember, was responsible for providing advice to government on issues including the administration of Medicare, the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme and private health insurance, and for implementing a $60 billion budget. While she was Health Secretary, Halton led the development of the first Memorandum of Understanding between Medicines Australia and the Australian Government, in 2010.

In June 2014, Halton was appointed Secretary of the Department of Finance and lasted until 15th October 2016 when she resigned that post and went into the private sector being appointed as a director to the ANZ Bank and Vault Systems.

Currently, Halton is chair of the global Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations and in March 2020 was appointed to the executive board of the Australian National COVID-19 Coordination Commission which is where we take a keen interest.

"Incidentally not long ago, Halton gave evidence in the Bergin Inquiry and apparently suffered the popular governmental amnesia with lapses of memory about what went on in the company she was supposed to oversee". But I digress.

Halton is now chair of the global Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations and in March 2020 was appointed to the executive board of the Australian National COVID-19 Coordination Commission. Both of which are primarily concerned with promoting the use of vaccinations for Covid-19.

According to CAIRNS News Australian super bureaucrat Jane Halton, is a key player in the Gates-Rockefeller so-called “global health” network, supporting Victoria’s draconian and insane shutdown and police state imposition.

Halton tops the list of commissioners on the advisory board of the National COVID-19 Coordination Commission, set up to “better coordinate the efforts occurring within and between the public and private sectors following the novel coronavirus pandemic”.

According to the government website,

The Prime Minister announced the establishment of the National COVID-19 Coordination Commission on 25 March 2020, and its renaming to the National COVID-19 Commission Advisory Board on 27 July 2020. This name change reflects its strategic advisory role in providing a business perspective to Government on Australia’s economic recovery.

In its new role as an Advisory Board, the Commission will be concentrating its effort on supporting the Government’s plans for Australia’s economic recovery and getting as many people back into jobs as quickly as possible.

The Advisory Board is led by Neville Power and supported by an Executive Board of Directors drawn from across a range of sectors, comprising: Jane Halton AO PSM FAICD FIPPA, Paul Little AO, Catherine Tanna, David Thodey, Laura Berry, Samantha Hogg, Su McCluskey, Bao Hoang, Mike Hirst and Paul Howes. They are joined by the Secretaries of the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, Mr Philip Gaetjens, the Department of Home Affairs, Mr Mike Pezzullo, and The Treasury, Dr Steven Kennedy.

The Advisory Board will continue to work closely with government departments on the Government’s agenda as it adapts to meet the challenges of COVID-19 for Australia’s economic recovery.” With fat salaries (Neville Power for example on 500,000 dollars a year) and a wide ranging scope that apparently does not include doing anything about the economic ruin of Victoria, a leaked draft report by a manufacturing taskforce advised the National Covid-19 Coordination Commission (NCCC) to recommend the Morrison government make sweeping changes to “create the market” for gas and build fossil fuel infrastructure that would operate for decades. Nothing to do with COVID-19 but all to do with promoting fossil fuels.”

Back to Halton, Possibly because she is an adherent of the policy of mass vaccination of the population and, even with no medical qualifications, considers she is an authority on dispensing medical procedures and pharmaceuticals to healthy people she sounds like a dangerous person to be in charge of an entire States health and welfare. Firstly in view of the fact that she was quite possibly involved in the deaths of hundreds of women and children in the ‘Children Overboard Affair’ and now seeks responsibility for injecting unknown and untried substances into the population of Victoria I for one would not trust her any more than I trust the Premier, Daniel Andrews.

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