Will Chaos be order of the day in Baku? F1 Azerbaijan 2022 GP Preview

Baku is back again in 2022, with another exciting title battle coming into it as well. The chaos usually reigns supreme on the streets of Baku, but will it be the same again? Red Bull come into this with so much momentum, winning the past four races. It remains to be seen what is to come but do Ferrari have an answer to Red Bull?

Daniel Ricciardo has been in the news a lot lately, whether McLaren should retain him or not. With the result he got in Melbourne it seemed like he had it under control but since then a series of poor results have had a lot of questioning around him. He is still a fantastic driver and has the will but it seems like he just can not get to grips with the McLaren car this year the way Lando Norris has. Will this weekend mark another poor result?

Alfa Romeo have had a great start to the season seem to be continuing that trend, but while they may be doing well as a team, individually, not really. Valtteri Bottas has continued to kill it with his performances in the Alfa, currently having amassed 40 points. Zhou Guanyu on the other hand only has 1 point to his name this season. Now while this is still his rookie year in F1, and he his obviously still learning about the car, the gap is massive between team-mates. This may get harder to ignore as the season goes on so the question becomes, can Zhou put in a great performance this weekend and prove that he can get closer to Bottas?

Sergio Perez was always originally meant to be number 2 at Red Bull behind Max Verstappen, but with his excellent win in Monaco, could this spur him on to become part of this championship fight. While it is still early days, he is only 15 points behind his team-mate who leads the championship and 6 behind Leclerc in second. A good result could propel Perez into a title fight that was assumed to be a two-horse race.

The Azerbaijan GP has been immersed in controversy in previous years with the 2017 and 2018 GPs clouded in chaos and the 2021 GP being a pivotal point in the championship. Will there be a huge talking point coming out of this race again? Can Ferrari finally get a win back? And what is to come on the streets of Baku?

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