Will Ferrari comeback from their struggles? F1 Canadian GP 2022 Preview

The first Canadian GP since 2019 and it has some interesting prospects coming into it as we continue along the 2022 season. Red Bull are dominating at the moment while also taking advantage of Ferrari’s struggles to get even further ahead.

Even though Ferrari got off to a tremendous start this season they have struggled a lot recently, both in their results and reliability, last time out neither car finished the race and that is something that they would dearly like to change this weekend. If Ferrari are to make a proper challenge a win in Canada is a must, but that requires reliability and pace, only one of which Ferrari seem to have at the moment, that being pace. Can Ferrari get on top of their reliability issues and claw back some points?

Last weekend in Baku Daniel Ricciardo had a good result finishing ahead of his team-mate and having good pace for most of the race, while also finishing in the points. The key for Ricciardo this weekend will be to continue this form into another points finish and maybe get some consistency going after all the negative press surrounding him recently. Will he continue the form from Baku, or will he receive a disappointing result again?

After the great result for Mercedes in Baku, the 3-4 for the silver arrows have given them some confidence and it will be interesting to see if they can build on that. Even though they are down on pace compared to Red Bull and Ferrari, they have shown the consistency they have always had. Can Mercedes continue the good results? And can George Russell continue his amazing stretch of top 5 finishes this season?

The Canadian GP is going to be an exciting affair and the action could be close with the championship battle heating up as we head into the midway point of the season. Will Ferrari be able to get a win back or will Red Bull get yet another win in a row?

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