Will Society Ever Be The Same?

Updated: Feb 14

13 February 2022| Frank Ziovas Updated Feb 14 5:06pm

Over the past 2 years society has been on the brink of destruction. Or has it been destroyed?

How many people's lives have been destroyed both emotionally and financially?

Just take a look at the suicide rate and this will tell you the devistation government officials created.

Over 2 years into this plandemic, surely the normies must be asking some questions by now.

What started off as 2 weeks to flatten the curb has turned into a systematic destruction of social norms and the complete enslavement of humanity.

Many laws have been passed and not one is about giving people their freedoms back.

People tell me we are winning... really? Doesn't seem like we are, we must see things as they truly and not as we want them to be...what do you see? Are we winning?

In the last 24 months, the government of Australia and Victoria systematically destroyed businesses, people's livelihoods and marrieges, because of all the lockdowns, lies and propaganda. Personally, I have been through many challenges but this has been far different then anything I have experienced. This is a psychological nightmare which never ends...bit like Bill Murray and grounhog day. Been long journey, one I had to face alone like many others.

There are many dark days, feeling that this will never end but there are also days of hope where I have faith that humanity will rise.

My story is just like many others, one of loss and constant challenge. My wife decided she would take the jab despite knowing our marriage would end, her email to me stated "I knew the moment I took the jab our marriage would be over" yet she took it. How can one describe in that moment of time how one feels? Sadness, anger and betrayal? knowing that our 20 years of marriage and 2 kids meant nothing. There are always ways out but it means leaving your comfort zone.

We are all hurting, some more then others, however we must muster up the strength and keep going, keep moving forward!

Will things ever be the same again? Even if the politicians restore everything to how it was...the damage is already done.

  • Businesses lost

  • Lives destroyed

  • Lives taken

  • Kids murdered

Society will never be the same again. You can't undo what has already been done.

This is the time where I am meant to say something inspirational and hopeful however, I am all out.

All I can say is prepare, stock up on food, buy precious metals and most importantly do everything you can to protect your family and have faith in your ability and stay strong!

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