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Where Principles of Liberty, Small Government, Freedom of Expression, Gun Rights, and the Fight Against Oppressive Ideologies still matter.

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Stefan Metzeler
Classical Liberal Author

The classical liberal author Stefan Metzeler currently lives in canton Geneva, Switzerland. After studying physics and IT at EPFL, he started working as independent IT consultant and software developer, creating major technical and business applications for companies such as DuPont, HP, Logitech and Royal Bank of Canada. He worked for clients all over Europe, Canada, the US, Latin America, Russia and India. He was also a member of IBM's consulting team.

He became politically active in the 1990s, co-founding the Swiss French group Pro Libertate, speaking at international conferences and contributing articles to publications in Switzerland, in Germany (ef Magazin), in Canada (Le Quebequois Libre) and many others.

His main themes are the principles of liberty, small government, freedom of expression, Austrian economics, gun rights, and the fight against oppressive ideologies.

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